Be Aware while Searching on Google…

We tried to find out information about sensitive things with the help of Google. Therefore, these relatives will eat the air of prison. Internet has become an important part of our life today. From this google (Google) Often, we try to find out what we can find in our spare time. Thanks to Google, it adds to your information. In addition, knowledge increases. But there are some things, which can be risky and difficult to search for Google.

So far, some try to find out information about the sensitive information. Therefore, these relatives will eat the air of prison. In addition, these people are also charged in court. You never know what to search on Google. Also the research can increase the difficulty. If you do not know such an article, today, we will tell you about it.

Weapons production process

Many people search Google many times for the fun of designing weapons, but did you know that? This can increase the difficulty. The Indian security forces are always on the lookout for such discoveries related to terrorist activities, which if you discover the process of making weapons, you can go to jail.

Chaotic video

If you’re doing a Google riot video to gather information, you won’t have a problem, but if you watch the same video over and over again, you might get sued. Because, criminals often get inspired by watching such videos and commit crimes. Many such cases have come to light. In this situation, the government takes strict action against those who investigate these subjects.