Rising Above the Gender Gap: Inspiring Words from Women Making Waves in Starship | by Annie Handrick | Starship Technologies | Mar, 2023

Written by: Liis Veersalu

In honor of today’s International Women’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of powerful quotes by Starship women who have made an impact in their fields, for our company and beyond. These quotes serve as a reminder of the strength, resilience, and wisdom of women throughout history, and inspire us all here at Starship to continue fighting for a more just and equitable world.

Despite significant progress in recent years, women remain proportionally underrepresented in the tech and startup industries. According to a report by The World Bank, women make up less than a third of the world’s workforce in technology-related fields, and the numbers are even lower for women of color. The lack of diversity in the tech and startup industries is a complex issue with multiple causes.

One of the challenges that women face in the tech and startup industries is the lack of female role models and mentors. Women often struggle to find support and guidance from other women in the field, which can make it difficult to navigate the industry and build a successful career.

Another challenge is gender bias. Research has shown that women are often underestimated and undervalued in male-dominated fields like tech. This bias can manifest in many ways, from pay inequity to exclusion from important decision-making processes.

However, many women are breaking through these barriers, are fighting back and advocating for greater representation and inclusivity in the industry, making their mark in the tech and startup world.

Our Starship women from different corners of the world are a perfect example of this. Let them be your role models and inspiration as we have collected inspiring quotes from many of them. Their words are a reminder that women are strong, resilient, and capable of achieving greatness. So let’s take a moment to reflect on their wisdom and courage as we continue to strive for a more equitable and just world for all.

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“I’ve struggled with imposter syndrome since day 1 of my career. Working through imposter syndrome sometimes isn’t as simple as having a “girl boss mentality.” I’m 7 years into my career now and I have to remind myself constantly that if I’ve made my way into a room, I deserve to be in that room.”

Andrea Martinez De Carolis, Campus Marketing Manager based in the US

On Recruitment:

“Sometimes in life, you’ll find yourself in positions where only one of the following applies: you like the people you work with, you like the work you do, or you like your compensation. We are all individuals who deserve to be celebrated, valued, and challenged. It takes time to find this balance. But believe me, it’s there. If you find yourself searching for the right career trajectory, don’t settle. Be clear on your objectives, speak up for your needs, and go after what you want. The job market is constantly fluctuating, and now is not the time to wait for recruiters to find you. Don’t be afraid to utilize online resources, application platforms, and your network to further your professional development.”

On My Goal:

“My ambition is to be known as someone who helps others. My work experience started with serving others in the restaurant industry. Then I moved on to help create financial solutions. I’ve also helped owners grow their local businesses. Now I help recruit strong individuals to help us grow our operations. The position has changed throughout the years, but the objective has always been clear: be a constant voice for advocating, inspiring, and helping others.”

Gracie Meadows, Recruiter based in the US

Women leaders are often labeled too bossy, difficult, aggressive, nosy, emotional. What it actually means is you are being assertive, asking the right questions, leading with your brain and heart. Don’t let others change or shrink you, be open for change and growth, but stay truthful for yourself. Take brave decisions patiently and de-prioritise pleasing people.

Teele Kruzman, Head of Service and Deployment based in Estonia

“Diversity of thought and experience leads to breakthrough ideas. No one ever said there’s only one way to eat peanut butter. The whole point of this delicious spread is to make it your own! It’s the same with the tech industry. Innovative women have been inspiring me since I was very little. If I can now do the same, whether it be with an electric screwdriver or peanut butter, count me in.

Sarah Gutierrez, Robot Technician based in the US

“There is never a dull day at Starship! Being in such an innovative company that is working on projects that have never been done in the world before, means every employee gets to feel like they are growing and learning every day. This results in a bunch of employees that genuinely enjoy their jobs, and are incredibly supportive of each other as a result!

There are definitely moments where things get tricky, such as when we’re working on multiple launches on top of our everyday work (which has been the case lately!), but we’re constantly improving our processes, and seeing our happy customers in new cities loving their robot deliveries always makes it worth it!!”

Arianna Namaki, City Marketing based in the UK

“Yes, you can,’ is my girl power mantra I live by. When things or life gets tough, this mantra pushes me to continue to shatter that glass ceiling and live my truth.”

Quyen Huynh, US HR Manager

“I grew up in Mexico for a few years. I did not know how difficult it was to be a woman and live in fear every day, nor did I know that it would be difficult to get a job promotion for being a woman. I hope that women can have the same rights all over the world. We deserve the same opportunities and respect”

Elda Velazquez, Service Team Lead based in the US

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