Technologies in 2023

Artificial Intelligence It will enter the mainstream we now have apps that have ai embedded in them we have a no code environment which means anyone can design new AI applications without any knowledge of programming we now have artificial intelligence as a service that means companies that store your data have the ability to Simply switch on new AI capabilities and this will augment all of our jobs it will change all of our business processes some of the key trends within AI that I’m watching very carefully are natural language processing and Machine Vision as well as the generation of synthetic content for me this has been brought to the mainstream by companies.

Metaverse Technologies like virtual and augmented reality will reshape our organizations and will increasingly blur the lines between the physical and the Digital World Companies now need to start preparing for this and think about more immersive content and to create a more immersive world of work they need to experiment and pilot with these. Technologies and maybe even think about digital only products like companies such as Nike are now doing even McDonald’s is thinking about opening a digital restaurant and we also need to rethink our customer employee experiences can we hold meetings in a virtual room that makes it better than zoom and we need to think about customer support that can use augmented reality to help customers fix problems and help help them assemble things and so on so these are really important.

Trends to watch and now it’s time for companies to get their hands dirty a programmable world in 2023 we will see an increasingly digitally editable world where we can change the real world by manipulating it in the digital world so for example take a digital twin that is a digital copy of a real world object let’s take a car for example a race car Formula One car we can design this car in the digital world we can even run it through digital simulation and tests using digital wind tunnels and then we can 3D print this car when components of this car and this will change so many different aspects for example we can now use the same with Gene editing we now have the crispr cast 9 technology that allows us to manipulate DNA we do this in the digital world but then create new plants new animals and even human traits that we can change we also see similar advances in nanotechnology where we can edit Nano at the nanoscale materials and create new materials things like self-healing.